The Miami G.R.O.W.
Project was created:

  * To be a platform to explore the possibilities and effects of urban farming.
  * To identify urban dead spaces and turn them into viable farmland to grow edibles and to educate the community.
  * To create hands-on workshops for school children, teaching them how food is grown and its relation to wellness and nutrition.
  * To be involved with community outreach programs by providing on the job training for special needs and at risk
       individuals, thus creating jobs for the community.
  * To set an example of ways to beautify an urban industrial setting while growing food.

                                                                 THE MIAMI G.R.O.W. PROJECT

Growing, teaching, feeding our community.

Join us today!

Rock Garden, in recognition of its corporate responsibility to the
community at large, is the primary sponsor of G.R.O.W. and donates
farm labor, as well as staff with farm production expertise, as needed
 for the production of microgreens and other organic edible crops.

Go Micro! MicroGreens are now available nationwide!

Before G.R.O.W. :-(

After G.R.O.W.!!!

Students from Hialeah Gardens High prepare to plant sweet
basil starts. In several weeks the plants will be harvested
and the product will be sold to local distributors who deliver
to South Florida restaurants.

Listen to us speak on National Public Radio!

Gulliver Academy students sniff and taste, then try to identify different herb varieties. For many students who visit G.R.O.W., this will the first time they've had a living edible plant experience.

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